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Our company successfully passed the SNI certification and promoted the development of the Indonesian market

SNI is the abbreviation of Standard National Indonesia, which means Indonesian National Standard, or SNI for short. It is the only standard applicable in Indonesia. It is formulated by the Indonesian Technical Committee and defined by the Indonesian National Standards Bureau.
SNI started on September 7, 2007. As of 2010, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry has issued 53 mandatory industrial standards (Standard National Indonesia/SNI), involving automobile and motorcycle parts, home appliances, building materials, cables and other fields. Products that have not passed the national standard certification (Standard National Indonesia/SNI) will be banned from sale, and products that have entered the market will be forcibly removed from the shelves.
All controlled products exported to Indonesia must have the (SNI marking) SNI mark, otherwise they cannot enter the Indonesian market.
For Chinese export-oriented enterprises, if they want to sell their products to the Indonesian market, the corresponding controlled products must pass the Indonesian SNI certification and be marked with the SNI logo before they can enter the domestic market.
On November 10, 2023, after a long wait, I successfully passed the factory inspection and obtained the SNI certificate after the epidemic. Since negotiating with customers on the import demand for galvanizing in 2022, our company has started preparing the certificate application. During this period, due to epidemic prevention and control, we were unable to audit the factory normally. We audited the factory and sent samples in September this year. After passing the final factory audit and product testing, Obtain SNI certificate.


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