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Expanding the overseas "circle of friends" | Shandong Sino Building Materials Group made a wonderful appearance at the five major industry exhibitions in Dubai in the Middle East (BIG5)

The Saudi Five Major Industry Exhibition is one of the five most influential industry exhibitions in Saudi Arabia. It provides a vital conference and exhibition venue in the Middle East. BIG 5 is the earliest and most important global construction and building materials industry event in Dubai. It is the gateway connecting the East and the West. With many opportunities, a wide platform and a large flow of people, the exhibition attracts leading industry leaders and industry elites from many countries to participate in the exhibition, greatly increasing cooperation opportunities.

Every exhibition is a closer dialogue. Every dialogue witnesses the progress of Hong Kong China Building Materials Group.


The steel sector of Hong Kong China Building Materials Group appeared in this exhibition. The exhibition site was very lively, and there was a constant flow of people coming to watch the exhibition. The booth of Hong Kong China Building Materials was particularly popular. Friends from all over the world gathered at the booth to learn about the group's products. The warm reception, professional explanations and pleasant negotiations of the Hong Kong-China Frontline Corps have been recognized and praised by the majority of new and old customers and friends.d756d298f65fd2f615f08c6ce93e5606.jpg7e3c1051cf0d02282421cbe2dbd00f73.jpgAt the bustling exhibition site, it is not only our high-quality products that attract customers and visitors. High-quality service, professional knowledge and brand influence are the golden signatures of Hong Kong China Building Materials Group, winning professional audiences to come in droves for in-depth exchanges. This exhibition started a magnificent journey to the Middle East with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, deepening the influence of the Hong Kong China Building Materials Group brand in the Middle East. In recent years, Hong Kong China Building Materials Group has frequently appeared in international exhibitions, accelerated the expansion of its overseas "circle of friends", and continuously achieved new breakthroughs in its global strategic layout.45b3a54d83d527c5f8fc3dc00a46433b.jpgNext, the group will work hard to move forward in this Big 5 exhibition with higher quality, more stable pace, better service, and more professional knowledge, and better develop new cooperation with customers and seize the opportunity. Market opportunities, growth opportunities. In the future, Hong Kong China Building Materials Group will further strengthen its "going global" efforts, continue to deepen cooperation with other countries, move from China to the world, use solid Chinese manufacturing power to promote the construction and development of major cities around the world, and strive to build Chinese brands "going global". "Dazzling business card"!

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