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On 21st, the spot goods rose strongly, and the short-term building materials prices continued to be high and strong

On Monday, the national construction steel transaction volume monitoring data showed that the transaction increased substantially. Specifically, billet prices rose wildly over the weekend, and steel mills continuously raised their ex-factory prices. Today, the black futures opened soaring, and the domestic construction steel spot market prices generally followed a sharp rise. From the perspective of transactions, the futures are rising strongly, the market is active, and the overall market volume has increased significantly. At present, iron ore and coke continue to rise sharply, scrap steel prices are operating at a high level, and raw material spot prices are collectively strong, which supports the prices of finished products. However, the sharp increase in prices this round is more due to the impact of capital. Terminal demand is still expected to weaken, and the winter storage time is approaching, and we still need to beware of concentrated risks.

In summary, after a sharp increase over the weekend, the current price has stabilized, coupled with poor local demand, it is expected that the domestic construction steel prices may run at a high level in the short term.

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