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On the 14th, the market's high transactions are general, short-term building materials prices may fluctuate

Black futures fluctuated and weakened in early trading today, and the wait-and-see sentiment in the market intensified. Prices in most areas of East China and South began to fall from high levels. The domestic construction steel spot market prices were generally weak and volatile. From the perspective of transactions, the north and south are generally cooling, and terminal demand is expected to weaken further. Due to the new round of cooling and the impact of rain and snow, the downstream procurement demand in most regions has shrunk, and merchants reported that the overall market transaction has weakened. In terms of mentality, under the recent frenzied increase in raw materials, the spot price of building materials has risen more than expected, and the market is afraid of high sentiment. With the black futures rising and falling, most businesses are cautious. However, due to the recent strong raw material prices, subsequent delivery costs Uplift, merchants are not willing to ship at low prices. Spot market prices have risen and fallen, the market has a strong wait-and-see sentiment, and more terminals are purchased on demand. Most merchants reported that today’s shipment performance was relatively average

In summary, it is expected that in the short-term, domestic construction steel prices may fluctuate at high levels and adjust operations. Looking at the current situation, considering that the demand for steel is not sustainable and the output of steel mills has little room for growth, the steel market has gradually shifted to a pattern of weak supply and demand, and the overall market mentality is cautious and negative.

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