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Prepainted steel sheets, also known as coated sheets and color-coated steel sheets, are based on metal coils (cold-rolled sheets, hot-dip galvanized sheets, aluminized sheets, high-aluminum alloy sheets, stainless steel sheets, etc.) and are painted or pressed with various Products made of organic coatings or plastic films. Because it is a coil for surface coating in a metallurgical factory, users can directly process it into products, so it is also called a pre-coated coil. Color-coated coils use hot-dip galvanized sheets, hot-dip galvalume sheets, electro-galvanized sheets, etc. as substrates. After surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), one or several layers of organic coatings are coated on the surface, and then A product that is baked and solidified. Because it is coated with organic coatings of various colors, it is named colored steel coil, or color-coated coil for short.


Color-coated rolls are lightweight, beautiful, and have good anti-corrosion properties and can be processed directly. The colors are generally gray white, sea blue, and brick red. They are mainly used in the advertising industry, construction industry, home appliance industry, electrical appliance industry, furniture industry, and transportation industry. Factories, stadiums, airports/stations, indoor partitions, warehouses, elevators, metal curtain walls, etc.

The coating used for color-coated rolls can be based on the use environment and choose the corresponding resin, such as polyester silicone modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastisol, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. Users can choose according to the purpose.

Color coated coil coating types

Polyester (PE) has good adhesion, rich colors, a wide range of formability and outdoor durability, medium chemical resistance, and low cost.

Silicone modified polyester (SMP), the coating film has good hardness, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, as well as good external durability, chalking resistance and gloss retention, average flexibility and medium cost.

High durability polyester (HDP) has excellent color retention and UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and chalking resistance, good film adhesion, rich colors, and excellent cost performance.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) has excellent color retention and UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and chalking resistance, excellent solvent resistance, good formability, and stain resistance, but it has limited colors and low cost.

Color coated board structure:

Topcoat: Blocks sunlight and prevents ultraviolet rays from damaging the coating; when the topcoat reaches the specified thickness, it can form a dense shielding film to reduce water and oxygen permeability

Primer: It is beneficial to strengthen the adhesion to the primer, making the paint film less likely to detach after being water-permeable, and improving corrosion resistance, because the primer contains corrosion-inhibiting pigments such as chromate, which can passivate the anode and improve corrosion resistance.

Coating: Generally galvanized or galvanized, which has a greater impact on the service life of the product. The thicker the coating, the better the corrosion resistance.

Substrate: Generally cold-rolled plate, different strengths determine the mechanical properties of color-coated plates.

Back paint: The function is to prevent the steel plate from being corroded from the inside. It is generally a two-layer structure (2/1M or 2/2, primer + back paint). If bonding is required on the back, it is recommended to use a single layer structure.

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