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Three differences between color steel plate / galvanized plate / galvanized plate

In recent years, the use of surface-treated steel plates has undergone amazing development. Baosteel has introduced a modern and advanced electro-galvanized continuous production unit, which can produce various electro-galvanized surface-treated steel plates with high quality and excellent performance.

These electro-galvanized surface-treated steel sheets are widely used in various fields such as household appliances, steel furniture, office equipment, automobiles, and building materials.

There are two types of color steel plates. One is hot-dip galvanizing and then color spraying, and the other is hot-dip galvanizing and then spraying. Color steel plates and hot-dip galvanizing are both anti-corrosion measures. Steel plates are hot-dip galvanized and then sprayed. Spray outdoor powder

Not only does it have good anti-corrosion effect, but it also has beautiful colors. Hot-dip galvanized sheets are only anti-corrosion and have no decorative effect.

The two are indeed different. The aluminized plate is a cold plate with a layer of aluminum on the surface, just like a galvanized plate. The aluminum-zinc plate is a plate with a layer of aluminum-zinc antioxidant layer on the surface and a pattern (the pattern is a bit like a galvanized plate). pattern)

It has a certain decorative effect and is usually covered with a protective film.

The anti-corrosion properties are also different depending on the price. Bi-aluminum zinc plate is more expensive.

The difference between them lies in appearance:

Galvanizing is divided into without flowers and with flowers;

Galvalume has flowers, which are special colors formed by aluminum-zinc alloy:

Color steel plates are colored

The difference between color steel plate, galvanized plate and galvanized plate:

Galvanized plate: refers to a steel plate with a layer of zinc on the surface. Zinc and 2% silicon solidify at a high temperature of 600°C* Colored steel plate: refers to color-coated steel plate. Color-coated steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. It has good corrosion resistance, bright color, beautiful appearance and processing shape. It is convenient and has the original strength of steel plate but lower cost.

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