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The status quo of the market behind the "winter storage" cold

In 2021, the winter storage policy of most steel mills in Shandong was released last week, and most steel mills implemented a price lock policy of around 4,250 yuan ton for rebar 

Looking back on the market situation in the previous month for winter storage, the price of rebar in the Shandong market fell to 3950 yuan/ton, which was more than 400 yuan/ton lower than the mainstream price in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The local steel mills were already at a loss or marginal profit. In the next three weeks, Shandong steel mills went uncharacteristically. Before the introduction of the winter storage policy, it continued to increase by 300 yuan/ton, and finally released the winter storage policy at the highest price range of the year.


In comparison, the execution price of this years winter storage is 600 yuan/ton higher than last year. Compared with previous price trends, this years winter storage has two obvious characteristics: prices continue to rise before the policy is issued, and winter storage prices are close to the highest price of the year . It can be said that at the same time that steel mills are in trouble, traders and market terminals are complaining, and the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent. This year, the winter storage enthusiasm of the upstream and downstream industrial chains in the market has significantly cooled down.

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