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Short-term building materials prices or consolidation will weaken

On November 11, the goods fluctuated and declined, and the domestic steel prices were stable and loose in the morning. In the afternoon, as futures continued to fall, market sentiment was sluggish, and transactions performed poorly throughout the day. Specifically, snails declined on November, and the domestic spot market for construction steel prices remained stable and weakened.

In terms of transactions, the snails' highs have fallen, the market has a strong wait-and-see sentiment, market speculative demand has weakened, and terminal purchases have also slowed down. At present, on the one hand, as the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, considering that the demand seasonally weakens and the market fears high sentiment, most businesses are not willing to take the initiative in winter storage. Most of them are cautious and wait and see. The market trading atmosphere may gradually weaken , The inventory continues to accumulate. On the other hand, with the support of high raw material prices, steel mills are not willing to cut prices.

In summary, it is expected that the price of domestic construction steel products may weaken due to consolidation in the short term.

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