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Steel price trends

The current economic situation is in a steady recovery phase, the national macro policy has always been not relaxed, strengthen the talent strategy, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, promote high-quality development, expand the consumption of residents, increase the demand for steel, favorable steel price trend.

From the General Administration of Customs data show that the January-April steel exports increased sharply from the ring, imports decreased from the ring, to ease the pressure on domestic steel supply, but from the March steel export data, the increase slowed down, reflecting the side of the decline in overseas demand. At the same time, some domestic steel enterprises in Hebei Province received the impact of crude steel production policy, driving the market operating sentiment, after a short period of information hype, the market returned to a steady shock operation, the degree of good is limited.

With the off-season structural demand adjustment, consumer prices narrowed the ringgit increase, lower than market expectations, industrial producer prices fell year-on-year and ringgit at the same time, the overall supply of steel, cement and other industries are sufficient, but demand is less than expected, steel demand fell, negative steel price trend.

At present, the monetary easing policy in April weakened, negative commodity, not conducive to the steel price rebound market.

By the follow-up fermentation of international banking events, capital investment is expected to remain tense, coupled with the ongoing inflation problem, tightening credit environment, the global economy is still in a sluggish state, the stock market and futures market after pulling up into the shock repair range, the spot market operating sentiment has fallen, cautious wait-and-see mostly, negative steel price trend.

Real estate is an important part of the national economy, the departments jointly introduced various macro policies to boost the vitality of housing enterprises, housing enterprises financing channels to ease the problem of excessive capital tension, optimize the capital structure, housing enterprises financing capacity to enhance, boost the confidence of home buyers, promote the development of industry repair, drive the economic development of the real estate industry, expand the demand for steel, favorable steel price rebound.

From the statistics show that excavator sales fell sharply in April, and excavators as a barometer of new construction projects, reflecting from the side, the demand for new projects decreased, the market turnover fell, coupled with the current macro-suppression of crude steel production policy news release exhausted, the overall market merchants speculative demand fell, negative steel price trend.

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