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10th Tangshan Steel Express

Tangshan Pu billet yesterday, the local and Changli parts of the factory ended 3330 rose 10, and Qian'an area 3330 rose 10. Today's steel market is running steadily, the overall billet transactions are average, and the prices of downstream finished materials are stable. The specific transactions are as follows:
Strip steel: Tangshan's small narrow belt is stable, mainstream manufacturers report 3570, the overall market transactions are weak; Tangshan 355 strip steel is 10 lower than yesterday, the spot mainstream 3590-3600, Ruifeng spot 3600-3610, the spot is consistent with futures prices, the transaction is average .
Section steel: Tangshan section steel prices have been operating steadily. Currently, mainstream quotations of I-beam 3640, angle steel 3660, and channel steel 3640 are mostly produced by rolling mills. The supply may increase, and low-cost shipments are the main. The overall transaction is weak.
Pipe: Tangshan scaffolding pipe is more stable than yesterday, including tax report 3750-3810, the transaction is average.
Hot coil: Tangshan Kai flat plate prices remain stable, 1500 wide wide open flat plate first-line steel mill 3730, second-line steel mill 3720, manganese Kaiping 3870.
Medium plate: Tangshan medium plate prices are stable, 14-22mm common plate mainstream reported at 3710, low alloy plate reported at 3910.
Scrap steel: Tangshan scrap steel stable: heavy a2690-2750, primary crushed material 2480-2500, flower iron briquetting 2680-2730, color steel tile briquetting 2110-2150, billet head 2740-2790, steel bar cutting head 2780-2840, horseshoe 2680-2720, general broken steel pins 2240-2270, excluding tax.
Building materials: The mainstream of the building materials market in Tangshan is stable, with 3610 three-level large threads, 3650 three-level small threads, and 3730 disc screws.
Billet: Tangshan billet can be delivered directly, and the storage spot is temporarily reported at 3410-3420, including tax, and low-priced, out-of-warehouse transactions. The overall transaction of finished steel is weak, and it is expected that the billet will run steadily in the afternoon.

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