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恭祝“传承五四精神 建设阳光城阳”城阳区纪念五四运动98周年会议胜利召开

   5月4日上午,全区各界青年代表欢聚城阳区委党校报告厅,“传承五四精神 建设阳光城阳”城阳区纪念五四运动98周年会议在城阳区党校报告厅隆重召开。





“Inheriting May Fourth Spirit , Building Prosperous Chengyang District ”---98th Anniversary of May fourth Movement


The youth delegates from our district gathered in lecture hall of the district committee and party school in the morning of 4th of May. The conference named “Inheriting May fourth Spirit , Building prosperous Chengyang ” are held in the lecture hall of party school of chengyang district in order to memorize the 98th anniversary of May fourth movement.


Aiming to praise the excellent person and inspire the fighting spirit, the district committee awarded prize to personnel and outstanding organization. Some of prize winners make speech relating to their contribution. Our General manager Mr Yu gains the prize of top youth entrepreneur.



Leaders from different positions also made speeches. They said that on the basis of long term development of communist party, we have to meet the demands of this current contemporary, care the grow up of youth, know the developing process of all organizations. We create positively good conditions and platform in order to lead the enthusiasm of youth, play the role of youth well, put all the members of organization into united together, and let more and more outstanding youth personnel and organization being in the front line to devote to the construction of prosperous chengyang district.                                           





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