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预见未来,已不再是梦 ---------恭祝山东港中钢铁有限公司荣获阿里巴巴最具行业影响力示范基地

11月27日-28日,阿里巴巴2017国际站北方优商大会在阿里巴巴滨江园区隆重举It is no longer a dream to foresee the future

---------Congratulations to Shandong Gangzhong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. for winning Alibaba's most influential demonstration base

From November 27th to November 28th, the Alibaba 2017 International North Business Excellence Conference was held in Alibaba Riverside Park. By then, over 500 outstanding suppliers from all walks of life from northern China gathered in Ali.



At this conference, excellent corporate representatives from all corners of the globe gathered. Alibaba executives interpreted the development trend of the international e-commerce industry and the future development direction of Ali. As one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms in the world, Ali is committed to Let more excellent Chinese suppliers be understood by buyers around the world. Shandong Gangzhong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was also invited to attend. During the conference, not only the current interpretation of the future trend of the e-commerce industry, but also invited outstanding enterprises in various industries to share enterprise management, and even selected a part of the show units with industry influence!


Among them, Shandong Gangzhong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. won the title of “the most influential demonstration base in the industry” and presented medals at this meeting. Here, Hong Kong and China are honoured to be invited to join the Alibaba Conference on Excellence in the North Region. We are also grateful for this honor. We believe that we will go further and further along the way. It is no longer a dream to meet the future!

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