2017 Shandong Sino Steel Company in the tourism, The best trip is only for the best of yours
2017-11-21 16:16:56   

For thank the staff for their hard work and create a harmonious collective atmosphere, to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life, cultivate the sentiment and to ease the pressure of the work of staff, Shandong Sino Steel Company organize the staff to the Zhoucun, Zibo City, to know cultural history and culture in Qi Culture Museum very well,to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the Mountain Tanxi , to experience the magic of nature in the Kaiyuan cave. Let everyone exposure to the embrace of history and culture.




The first day follows the sunrise. Talking and singing, laughing during colleagues is along the way. The first place is in Zibo - Qi Culture Museum. Chinese culture has a long history. We have enjoyed the profound ancient culture, through the introduction and explanation of ancient characters. Then we visit zhoucun, where the ancient city is worthy of the name, ancient Commercial Street aspect. In particular, we taste mouth-watering Zhoucun sesame seed cake after seeing the production process.



Farewell still means a brilliant, rich ancient city of Zhoucun. In addition to traveling, our company hold a large dinner,regardless of superior or subordinate, regardless of colleagues and individuals, like one family.



The next day the whole area can be seen everywhere with the water mountain. Close to nature's first station Tanxi Hill. In spite of this, we have no fear at all. Everyone advances toward their destination with full enthusiasm and upward mobility. We stop and go, take a rest, take a look, laughing or leaving a shadow, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Tanxi Hill glass bridge, we exclaimed, all kinds of self-poses a variety of poses, playing enjoyable. Next,the well-known ecological, cultural and Kaiyuan cave is a great wonders of nature, all kinds of colorful, vivid, breathtaking stalactites, stalagmites, rocky and other natural scenes. We enjoy the share of nature. About 3 pm, everyone drag slightly tired body, with unresolved feelings.



Tourism is over. The profound historical and cultural culture,picturesque landscapes, goodwill between colleagues have left a deep memory for everyone. Tourism bring people closer together, deepen the friendship, create a united and progressive atmosphere, strengthen the cohesion and solidarity of the our company, and embody the company's people-oriented concept, which enables us to broaden their horizons, refine our sentiments, and even enhance our sentiments. The best you work for Sino Steel, the best arrangements Sino Steel will do for you.


Shandong Sino Steel Company in the tourism, The best trip is only for the best of yours