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Prepainted galvanized steel coil(PPGI)

Product Type:hot dipped galvanzied, galvalume, zinc alloy, cold rolled steel, aluminum
Product Standard:S G3322 CGLCC ASTM A755 CS-B
Product Thickness:0.16-1.2mm

Product Description: With GI and GL as the substrate, after surface pre-treatment, paint coating, baking and cooling, an organic protective film is formed on the steel substrate It has strong durability, corrosion resistance, decoration and formability, widely used in construction, household appliances, solar energy, transportation and other industries

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Product Details


    Standard JIS G3322 CGLCC ASTM A755 CS-B Surface coating color RAL colors
    Back side coatingcolor Light grey ,white and so on Package export standard package or as request
    Type of coating process Front: double coated&double drying. Back: double coated&double drying, single-coated&double drying
    Type of substrate hot dipped galvanzied, galvalume, zinc alloy, cold rolled steel, aluminum
    Thickness 0.16-1.2mm Width 600-1250mm
    Coil Weight 3-9Tons Inside Diameter 508mm Or 610mm
    Zinc Coating Z50-Z275G Painting Top: 15 to 25 um (5 um + 12-20 um) back: 7 +/- 2 um
    Coating introduction Top paint: PVDF, HDP, SMP, PE, PU
    Prime paint: Polyurethane, Epoxy, PE
    Back paint: Epoxy, Modified polyester
    Productivity 150,000Tons/year
    Production core strengths
    Resistance to acid rain:
    Coating protection mechanism: It is very easy to form acid rain in the high level of industrial emissions or pollutants environment. Acidic penetration is formed in the surface of pre-painted steel, and accelerates the corrosion, forming blistering, peeling and so on.
    Resistance ultraviolet rays:
    Coating protecting Mechanism: pre-painted sheet in ultraviolet or strong sunlight conditions, the coating will exhibit chalking degeneration, manifested as discoloration and loss of gloss, lose paint quickly.
    Resistance to humid heat:
    Coating protecting mechanism: in hot and humid environments, high osmotic pressure of water vapor accelerates penetration, forming the degeneration of painting film, then the corrosion of the substrate, with the phenomenon of bubbles and peeling.
    Resistance to low temperature:
    Coating protecting mechanisms: most of the paint can keep stable processing performance above 0 degree, but at alpine region, the temperature will be below 20-40 degree, normal paint will become brittle,bend cracking, or even lose paint, thus protection function is lost totally.