Sino steel's Rotary Cylinder Slag Treatment Technology and Equipment Entered South American Market for the First
2013-12-01 14:03:45   

Recently the rotary cylinder slag treatment technology and equipment system of Sinosteel's sole proprietary intellectual property right will be applied in CSP steel mill in Brazil. Following the successive export to JSP India and Posco Korea, etc., this technology and equipment successfully entered the South American market.
In recent years, with the joint efforts of Sinosteel Engineering,steel Central Research Institute, Sinosteel Ltd. Steel-making Plant, Sinosteel's rotary cylinder slag treatment technology has made new progress continuously, its technology and equipment have been exported to India and Korea, etc., winning good reputation. The entrance into Brazilian market this time is largely attributable to the favorable application of this technology in Posco, which win the strong recommendation by the customer.
Compared with the overseas project before, the Brazilian project of rotary cylinder slag treatment technology and equipment system are more complete, realizing the slag pot tilting device, slag skimmer and cylinder proper "3 in 1" complete system export. To that end, Sinosteel has made improvements to the details of many process in the rotary cylinder slag treatment technology and equipment system, striving for not only no slag falling on the ground, but also reduction of maintenance cost and improvement of slag treatment level through the improvements of equipment structure and hopper slag feed method, etc
According to the introduction of the person in charge of the Brazilian project from Sinosteel Engineering, the project features tight construction schedule and high quality requirements. Sinosteel Engineering will go all out and coordinate actively to speed up the project implementation by placing orders in advance with the spare parts manufacturers, etc., in the meantime, arrange the training of installation, commissioning and operation personnel reasonably, trying to reduct the project cost, and striving to complete the project with guaranteed quality and quantity as scheduled.
Source:Sinosteel News Centre