Parameters of 150 tons Converter Dry Dedusting System Reached Domestic Advanced Level
2013-12-01 14:00:03   

Shortly nine months after commissioning of 150 tons converter dry dedusting (LT) in Sino Steel, not only its employees quickly mastered the advanced production techniques through difficulty tackling of the dry dedusting system, thus fostered a batch of professional excellent talents; but also significantly lessened the times of explosion venting by implementing first phase measures against explosion venting of electro-precipitator, basically reached domestic advanced level in the industry, while publishing four technical papers, winning four application patents, one know-how, two advanced operation methods.
150 tons converter project group and project general contractor kept strict requirements for all stages of design, equipment purchase, manufacture, installation, debugging, commissioning, etc.; formed dry dedusting system difficulty tackling group during hot load test of the production line and carried out equipment installation, debugging and manufacture of the dry dedusting system. To ensure effectiveness of the dry dedusting system (LT), Sino Steel had pushed forward in an all around way works on safety, management, equipment, techniques, and technological operation, etc..
To fulfill the standards of dry dedusting as soon as possible, Sino Steel had formulated detailed difficulty tackling objectives. With concerted efforts of all people, parameters of dry dedusting system were optimized in a continuous way, equipments operated stably and parameters of all aspects had reached or neared domestic advanced level.
Recovery rates of gas and steam from 150 tons converter improved significantly: it had realized objectives of average per ton gas recovery volume of 85 cubic meters, and per ton steam recovery of 90 kg during total recovery of converter gas and steam.